Helpful Pieces For Breakup Survivals in 2021


After a breakup, it's very difficult for a person to move on its very hard to forget all those memories that you have made with your partner, But if your partner wants to move on and ready to forget then what's happening to you it's not a big deal to move on.

 it's not difficult to move on after a relationship gets sour. But it's kind of hard to move on. First, you should accept that what has happened or your relationship is no more and your girlfriend/Boyfriend is no more with you. You should start a new relationship instead of feeling desperate or dumbed but you should give yourself time first as much you can give this stage is very difficult to believe that your partner has dumped you but it's fine,

Start New Relationship

 You have to start a new relationship for yourself and before starting a new one think about your ex, think about what was the reason behind your breakup, and set those things in you before starting a new one. In case if you keep remembering your ex just look at yourself in the mirror smile and turn off all those memories there its good to forget your ex. Tell yourself that your ex chapter is close now and you gonna make it more beautiful and awesome than the last one. If you were living in a place together or any of your exes come to pick him up just ignore that and don't be curious to see your ex.

Don't Go To His Place

If you were living in his place and your things are in his place don't go there by yourself ask your any friend to do this deed it will be more comfortable. On the other hand, if he is trying to contact you tell him to stop you should also delete his all contacts photos, or whatever you have just deleted it. Keeping contact with him makes you realize that you both made a huge mistake by doing all the crazy stuff that you have done. No dude that's not the way how breakups are done and people moved on, Learn to deal with yourself and your emotions and you will be fine all the way.

Skip Blaming

Skip the blame game, Blaming each other is not a solution you can harm yourself by negative thoughts in your mind stop acting like kids whether you blame yourself or him you will face negative vibes in your mind and emotions too. It didn't work between you both and will never work because two souls in love never need any words or things to discuss or talk about. 

 Learn the lessons from the past. Think about your mistakes or your needs that your ex didn't fulfill 

Think about what was great and good about the relationship and what was not good, what was the thing that brings you here, Don't think all the fault was by him ask yourself and look into yourself checkout things and think about those things try to leave those things that are not good for relationship and adopt some good skills for better love future because it's on you how are you gonna treat the next one?.

 You can take advice from your friends who are good at relationships copy some good skills for a better tomorrow. Learn from the past but don't dwell yourself there.

Try to forgive those who wronged you and start a new life with your new partner and promise yourself that you will not repeat those things that destroyed your last relationship and finally the most important thing to do after a breakup is to stay positive and stay loyal then you will enjoy your relationship that will stay forever... 

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