Best Ways To Breakup Respectfully in 2021


Did you know? there's an old saying that breaking up with your partner is very hard and complicated, not only hard but it's very complicated to deal with that after breakup emotions and all those memories.

there are many reasons why people break up most of the peoples go through this hard  phase because they need some time for their ownself {because they want to make their future best first} and then your breakup can come in the face of long-distance relationships give yourself and your partner a time to fix things in a long-distance relationship, going through a breakup can be very emotional and I think there no way you are not supposed to feel something like you have no feelings 

After breakup

it's hard to let go of a person you loved, even it's not that easy to forget all those happier and lovely moments that you have spent with your partner. Yeah, it's very difficult to forget all those things and to believe your partner is no more with you Everyone goes through different phases in different stages of time I would say that don't worry if things are not getting solved just wait for your good time and deal with all of your emotions Your importance will tell others that they were wrong, you weren't. you cant believe that this all is happening with you, with that couple who were supposed to live together till last breath After a breakup, it's completely normal to feel a burning desire inside to understand why things happen like this. You may find yourself keep remembering things you or your ex said or did Remembering memories of your relationship no matter they were bad or good but that thing is you are thinking about your ex. 

This can cause your mental health and can make you sadder and exhausted all the time when you go to your bed and there's no way to fix this at this time all you have to do is just move on or you can just go with the flow. You can fear that you can be lonely whole life, you fear that no one is going to be with you, you fear that your phone is not gonna ring ahead, you fear that you will not be able to face the scary world without him, you fear that when you are sick no one is here to make you feel comfortable and no one is going to take care of yourself as your ex did.

Don't blame yourself

there's might be a time when you sit alone or just cry and just start blaming yourself you will be the pics of your ex and staring at her you can also think that you can never find a person like this you have lost a pure gem, but it's ok my friend it's natural you can feel all these things after the breakup but you have to deal with this all you have to do is just look into yourself ask yourself why? why your ex did this? was that your mistake or whose mistakes were it just learn to deal with your emotions and you will be fine   

Some common tips can give your partner breakup hints

1. Show your partner that you are not comfortable

2. Just take care of yourself 

3. Always pretend that you're busy

Remember these things!

 Whenever you are going to do a breakup try to do it in person, I will suggest not to do break up in a public place because experiencing this thing in public is very hard. After the breakup please delete all the contacts and memories of your partner and try to move on or you can cut it for a short time as your plans

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